Egg waffle is a typical street snack in HK, its origin could go way back to 1950’s. The founder of Bee Patterns, Yung, grew up in HK then later pursued his career in the US, he has a devoted memory of this particular HK street food, it is also one of the very important reasons why he started Bee Patterns.

It is Yung’s statement of faith in life. “The authentic egg waffle in HK have crispy outer layer with soft hearts” Yung said, therefore, when others are chasing after the trend, he keeps his mind calm and spend years to enhance his own egg waffle recipe. Step by step, he follows his path to the dreamed destination.

“Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.”


The establishment of Bee Pattern is Yung’s 100% dedication to give authentic Hong Kong street food taste to the new generation.

Bee Pattern’s egg waffle cone is guaranteed to be crispy on the outside but soft inside, no exception. It is unlikely to have such crispy egg waffle while keeping its authentic taste.


When all other egg waffles use regular ice cream, Bee Patterns’ egg waffle use gelato instead, which is healthier and has better flavor and texture.


Yung also invented his signature egg waffle with ostrich egg, paring with a cut piece of raw honeycomb.

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